AM BEST Financial Strength: B,   Issuer Credit BB

The Company

Ghana Reinsurance Company Limited (Ghana Re) was originally established as a unit of SIC in 1972 as the Ghana Reinsurance Organization. Gained autonomy in 1984 and was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company on June 16, 1995 with 100% Ghana government shareholding.

Objectives :
  • To increase retention capacity within the country so as to reduce the outflow of foreign exchange
  • Contribute towards the growth and development of local expertise in insurance and related fields
  • Generate funds for the investment in the national economy


  1. To undertake reinsurance of any class of business, including life insurance business, both within and outside Ghana
  2. To reinsure against loss of any kind arising from any risk or contingency in respect of any matter;
  3. To reinsure with any insurer carrying on reinsurance business, any risk undertaken by the company
  4. To accept the reinsurance of any part of risks undertaken by any other insurer being risks that the Company has power to reinsure against; and
  5. To retrocede part of any such risk under paragraph (d) of this section

“To be the reinsurer of choice in Ghana and chosen markets in Africa through innovative and capacity building applications combined with commitment to customer satisfaction and corporate profitability”.

“To be the best professional reinsurer in Africa and other selected Markets in the provision of Reinsurance, other financial and acillary services through continuous improvement in service delivery”.